Dietary reform you must bring in your routine to stay away from various heart diseases !

Millions of people across the globe fall victim to random heart diseases every year and the situation is getting worse with every year coming. Now, even when medical science has come a long way, the health specialist is still looking for a sure shot treatment for various heart-related issues. While everyone is aware of the existing treatment option for heart diseases, not many people give consideration to diet in the same process. Damien Matcham, one of the leading cardiologists around, emphasizes the need for a healthy diet to keep the heart of the health intact. That said; let’s have a look at a diet plan which can help in getting a healthy heart.

Damien Matcham

Stay away from unhealthy fats

As per Damien Matcham, staying healthy doesn’t mean that you have to stop the consumption of fats. Not all fats are unhealthy and you just have to take care of not going along with unhealthy fats which are high on cholesterol. When we talk about the sources of healthy fats, you can list down food items like Dry fruits, olive oil and lots of other sources.

Damien MatchamEat more veggies and fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits must be there as a part of your diet if you really want to fight with most of the cardiovascular disease. As per Damien Troy Matcham, all these vegetables and fruits contain vitamins, minerals and fibers to further keep your heart healthy.

Pick the whole grains

Damien MatchamDamien Troy Matcham also emphasizes the consumption of whole grains in your diet as that will give you a boost of all the required nutrients to further stabilize your blood pressure. While we are going to bring the whole grains, you have to give up the refined grains in the process.

Low-fat protein sources

Damien Matcham

When we talk about lean protein sources, you can count upon sources like lean meat, fish, poultry and eggs. While you talk about including all these sources into your diet, make sure you aren’t going too high on the fat content. All these lean protein sources would help you in getting through the daily requirements of this muscle-building nutrient.

Sodium quantity

As per Damien Matcham Tasmania, Sodium is present in all of the salty foods items around and it largely brings up a spike to the blood pressure. Hence, you just got to stay controlled on its consumption in order to keep your blood pressure in check. Whilst doing the same; you can always keep the heart disease at bay.

Damien Matcham

6 comments on “Dietary reform you must bring in your routine to stay away from various heart diseases !”

  • Rhyan Grant


    Everything starts from a good diet and a healthy heart is no exception. Right as Damien Matcham Tasmania said, one must include the best and most balanced meals on their table.

  • Trent Sainsbury


    Diet holds a big part of our daily routine and as Damien Matcham Tasmania said, one cannot ignore the fact while talking about their heart health as well.

  • Brad Smith


    Right as Damien Matcham Tasmania said, one cannot write off the importance of a healthy diet in their daily routine. That is more important than anything else.

  • Harry Souttar


    I truly agree with Damien Matcham Tasmania on this factor and one must bring upon the right diet and eating habits to their daily routine.

  • Brandon Borrello


    Just as Damien Matcham Tasmania said, you must pay attention to the relevance of a good and balanced diet to their daily routine in order to keep up with the health of your heart.

  • Jackson Irvine


    A healthy heart would pave the way to a healthy life and the same goes true with whatever been quoted by Damien Matcham in the above lines.

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