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Damien Matcham

Keeping the heart healthy seems to be very easy as all you have to eat healthily, do exercise and avoid unhealthy food and injurious drink. This is very easy but why every 2 out of 5 people are suffering from heart diseases? No, it is not as easy as it seems like in one picture, you have to do a lot of effort by skipping every bad habit and adopting good ones. People often think that if we start eating healthy, it will make our heart happy and healthy. According to Dr. Damien Matcham who is one of the most reputed cardiologists, foods are not anymore sufficient for a healthy heart; you need to come out of your sheet early morning. Here in this blog, we will talk about some of the best ways by Dr. Damien Matcham through which you can keep your healthy and happier. Let’s get started with tips!

Damien Matcham

1 Try to make running for 30min every day your habit

Running for 30minutes can help your heart pump blood in a better way. Not hardcore running but normal running for 30 minutes every day can fight against so many heart diseases and prevent them. You can join the gym or can buy a treadmill for our home so that you can run over it anytime. Running is the key to have a healthy heart and people should follow this habit.

Damien Matcham2. Be smoke-free 

Whether you have kids in your home or not you should avoid smoking as it is not for your heart. Dr. Damien Matcham says, Smoking will not affect your health but it also affects the health of people who lives near you. So, to keep you and your family’s heart happy, you should not smoke.

Damien Matcham

3. Manage your blood pressure 

Blood pressure is not the thing that you can feel in your veins. If it is too high then you should go for treatment as it causes damages to heart.

Damien Matcham

4. Manage your blood cholesterol 

 Cholesterol is a fatty substance passed in your blood and heart needs it to be healthy. Sometimes, the level of cholesterol gets imbalanced in the blood that leads to heart stroke or heart attack. Find more ways through the internet or ask your doctor to balance the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Damien Matcham

5. Be active and regular with exercise 

Exercise is the key to have a healthy and happy heart that is required to do regularly. You can also do yoga or can try to dance for better health of the heart. It is essential to have an active schedule so that you will get less for sit. Damien Matcham Tasmania recommends, try to be more active in the day time and avoid sitting on the chair or bed or couch all the time.

Damien Matcham6. Manage diabetes 

 It is essential to control your diabetes to prevent heat stroke or heart attack. To manage diabetes, research ways on the internet or can consult the doctor. If you have severe allergies then consult your doctor and also do not forget to tell the doctors about your allergies.

7. Enjoy a broad variety of nutritious food. 

 Note that as per the consultation of Damien Matcham Tasmaniaeat as much as you can and avoid oily food. To keep a healthy and happy heart, you should avoid oily foods and start eating healthy ones such as fruits and vegetables. Try to eat less fat food more and high-fat food less. It will also help you with weight management. Eat less salt as it causes several damages to your heart.

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  • Peter Siddle


    Heart comes as our lifeline and we cannot write it off while thinking about our overall health and well being. As Damien Matcham said, a good diet is always the key.

  • Marcus Stoinis


    Being a human, you must always take care of your heart health by bringing in certain food items in your daily diet. Right like Damien Matcham said, heart is the lifeline of our body and we cannot ignore it by any means.

  • Adam Zampa


    Damien Matcham Tasmania has rightly projected the importance of a healthy diet for the good health of your heart and one must bring fresh fruits and vegetables to their platter for the same reason.

  • Kane Richardson


    Heart health comes first than anything else and as per Damien Matcham Tasmania, one must take care of the same issues via a good health.

  • Peter Handscomb


    Heart comes over as the most important part of one’s body and as Damien Matcham Tasmania said, they key to good health comes from a good heart health.

  • Alex Carey


    Damien Matcham has helped numerous people with his exceptional knowledge in cardiology and he rightly puts down the importance of a good diet for a healthy heart.

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