Want to become a good cardiologist or Clinician? Here are 5 things you need

Remember that it’s not an easy task to become a cardiologist. For this, it is very important to get through the medical school, residency as well as get accepted into the most competitive fellowship program but getting through all of them successfully is tough. Damien Matcham tells that for a cardiologist it is important to be academically strong. There are also certain other things that often assist a cardiologist to stand out from the crowd. You need to make these qualities your goals because as a cardiologist or clinician you are going to do good service to your patients.

Damien Matcham

Damien Matcham Tasmania tells that there are at least 5 things that are necessary for a cardiologist or clinician to do.

Confidence to knowledge ratio

Former Katungul CEO Damien Matcham suggests that this is the very crucial attribute of a good clinician. It is important to have a low confidence-to-knowledge ratio which means a low to a modest level of confidence in the setting of a great amount of knowledge.

Just think about this that an overconfident clinician thinks that he or she knows everything about the right diagnosis & treatment (overconfident) but is totally incorrect (poor knowledge). This will result in great destruction to patients.

Damien Matcham

If a clinician lacks in knowledge and also lack confidence at the same time while encountering a clinical situation that he or she is not sure of. In this condition, a clinician needs to ask for help and need to know the right thing in order to take care of the patient.

The ideal situation is the person who has low confidence but has good and accurate knowledge that is required for making the right diagnosis and treat the patient correctly.

So when a challenging case comes in, this type of clinician always makes the right diagnosis and also initiates the right treatment plan but needs to call the specialist to confirm whether the right thing was done and also ask for advanced help like performing an invasive procedure or surgery. Former Katungul CEO Damien MatchamDamien Matcham always says that don’t try to be the cat that sees the lion in the mirror. If you are unsure what to do then it is very important for you to ask for the assistance because it will help in giving the best outcome for the patient.

You need to care about your patients

It is vital for you to take good care of patients. Remember that if you entered the medical field and want to have a stable and good job with amazing income, but don’t have empathy and sympathy towards the people you take care of then it will show and be quite obvious.

Health care workers often talk and say things like He is just in this field for the money but remembers that this is not a good thing. But on another hand, you must have frequently heard praises when a clinician shows emotion. One of the ER doctors once cried over the death of his patient whom he was treating for a long time. This story tells that the doctor had emotions and care for the patients.

Damien MatchamUnluckily, the most crucial part of medical training that instills clinicians to care about their patients mainly takes place in childhood and comes from your patients and the values that they infused in you. Learning to care about your patients can be done easily but remember that it is quite emotionally taxing.

Avoid doing too much

Damien Matcham Tasmania tells that you don’t do too much because, in the end, you will feel the guilt. One of the cardiologists tells that during the training he was very excited to gain a lot of knowledge due to which he decided to take eight different board certifications. But when he graduated cardiology fellowship with a cluster of worthless certificates then he understood that having a board certification does not make you an expert.

Damien MatchamDue to this reason only, Damien Matcham always suggests to select only one or two areas and concentrate on that specialty or subspecialty carefully. That cardiologist later chose to concentrate on cardiac CT and echocardiography and left the vascular medicine board certifications and now the vascular surgeons are seeing his patients suffering from major vascular disease.

Clinicians are only human and can do so much. Damien Matcham Tasmania says that although you can take many tasks at the same time it is essential for you to become an expert in one or two things rather than being just ok at different things.

Take your complete time and explain your patients

Damien MatchamThere are many people out there who have a desire for teaching cardiology, writing all the content on the heart and providing various lectures for students as well as interns.

Exactly, in the same manner, you should have a plea for your patients. Take your time and then inform the patient about his or her disease. Patients often like to visit the clinician who explains or tells them about their disease by coming at their level.

But surprisingly, there are many doctors still who often tell their patient to just take the medication or tell them to get a few tests without explaining them anything.

 Always stay in a learning mode

Damien Matcham says that be it any level doctor, paramedic or nurse, the practice of medicine is always going to be a big challenge. It is very important for you to keep yourself updated with all the modern advances and research. You should never let the knowledge go waste that you have learned during your training period.

Damien Matcham

If you want to stay at the top of the game, it is crucial for you to make a habit of review the material that you have consistently. If you are not a routine review then you must have seen that whatever you had learned must have started fading out from your mind. You need to make a routine to have a complete cardiology board review course at least once in two years as well as an alternate course for cardiac imaging.

You will not even come to know, but when you notice you will see that so much of your academic knowledge has been washed away from your brain just because you are only on the path of the busy practicing clinician which is just hardly getting along rather than the one who is on top of the contemporary guidelines as well as treatments in medicine. So it is very important for you to have routine medical education side by side.

Therefore, if you follow all these five golden rules then you will notice that you are not only respected by your peers but also by your patients, while you will also be able to take care of your patients more properly.

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